About Me

Me throughout my travels. All Photography (except lower right) by Frank Schalk.

My name is Frank Schalk, a Silicon Valley working professional and life-long Bay Area native. I previously lived in the South Bay on and off, due to having worked in Silicon Valley for a number of years. I had also lived previously in San Francisco in the 2000’s, where I attended graduate school at San Francisco State and graduated with a Masters Degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts in 2004. I currently reside in a great condo in the beautiful Diamond Heights neighborhood.

I am a California native of the Bay Area, and grew up in the South Bay in Morgan Hill, right on the outskirts of Silicon Valley itself. My mother is a native of La Paz, Bolivia, and our family is fluent in Spanish. I do visit from time to time to take in the rich cultural heritage. I also come from a family of engineers, computer geeks, musicians and teachers.

In high school, it was all about music and performance for me. I won the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award for superior musicianship. I played trumpet in the award winning Live Oak Emerald Regime High School marching band, where I had the great fortune to tour both the Soviet Union (in its last year of operation!) and Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia two years later.

I have been working in information technology since 1999, and saw the emergence and explosive growth of the Internet as a seismic cultural force to be reckoned with. I have always had a fascination for both the Arts and Technology as cultural agents of change. I knew they were going to merge in a powerful way like never before, so I decided to become part of it.

My hobbies include technology, traveling, playing guitar and listening to music, film, history, science, painting, model making, cooking, eating , biking, and geeky pop culture artifacts. I am a big sci-fi buff (big surprise) and love film in general.

I have volunteered for Glide Memorial, Second Harvest Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity, and would recommend any of those looking to make a difference.


Let’s Work Together

(Reykjavik at Dusk, Photo by Frank Schalk, 2018)